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I need help soon..Please

Shaun Maries started this conversation

Hello, I have thought of a million idea's who,how and where I can get money from and it hasn't took me to far. To let everyone know right off, I have never had to ask for help, and im only asking now because it is that bad, I have too. Im a mom of two boy's 5 and 7. They are my world. We left there dad three yrs ago due to alot of  unpleasent days. Im sure alot of you know where Im coming from. Im a culprit of me being so nice to people and in the end I lose out. Im a full time student at Baker College in Auburn HIlls Mi. Trying to make life better, well in the timeof making things better,  it has only got really bad. I had a roomate living with me, and my rent money thru  May 1st, is missing. All the police can say is make a court date, Go to court, I cant prove it, so it has to be proved in Court. So I have an eviction for 1400hundred dollars to be paid. If  I dont get this money, my children and I are going to have no where to stay. My children under no circumstances can stay with there father, no way. Hey we talk, but its not possible. I dont want to end up in the system, if I can just get this taken care of, I knowI can make it work. I dont have the money, to be 2 months behind. It was greedly taken from us..please help..eviction leads to bad credit, no one will let you rent from them, it leads to a new world. please help if you can.. I thank you in advance and god bless you. I will return favors back into the world, when I can...

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It sounds as if you could use a lot of the information that I have on my homepage. Just click on my picture if you will, then blog and look for the postings, use what you can.Good Luck and God Bless
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